2016 National Mining Hall of Fame inductees

29 Apr 2016

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) has announced the 2016 National Mining Hall of Fame inductees. This year’s inductees, selected by the National Mining Hall of Fame’s Board of Governors, represent exploration and extraction, environmental stewardship, management, education, and research and development in the US mining industry. Their contributions have had significant and lasting impacts on the mineral and mining industry and these individuals were selected for being leaders, innovators, authors, mentors, and philanthropists.

2016 National Mining Hall of Fame Inductees:

Stanley Dempsey – Stan Dempsey is one of the most multi-faceted individuals in the mining community. As a geologist, lawyer, historian, author, corporate executive, and investment banker he put his skills to use championing collaborative approaches to compliance, environmental assessment, and reclamation planning. 

Dr. Haydn H. Murray – Dr Murray was an internationally recognised expert on applied clay mineralogy. His research and leadership in applied clay mineralogy resulted in four U.S. patents and led to the development of innovative new kaolin products for paper coating and filling, enhanced single coat coverage in paints, and expanded uses for clays in ceramics, plastics, and other commercial applications. As chief operating officer of Georgia Kaolin Company, he expanded their interests to bentonite clay, sodium and calcium bentonites, halloysite, and European kaolins through strategic acquisitions and joint ventures. 

William N. Poundstone – William Poundstone is recognised for his contributions to the development of improved underground coal mining technology. An inventor and problem solver, he received 34 patents primarily for mining equipment and conveyors. He authored numerous technical publications and was recognised for pioneering work in the development of drilling techniques for coal seam degasification, mine safety, and coalbed product. Poundstone served on numerous energy policy committees and was of service in many national associations. He concluded his career as Executive Vice President with Consol in 1982.   

Robert S. Shoemaker – Robert Shoemaker was one of the most operations savvy engineers of his time. With a keen eye for detail, he had an uncanny ability to spot the weak link in a design and a devotion to the practical application of appropriate theory. Shoemaker has numerous process designs to his credit, but it was precious metal extraction that really distinguished him from his peers. He was a leader in the revolution in gold metallurgy in the late 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s: the three components of which included 1) the introduction of heap and dump leaching on a large scale to treat low grade ores; 2) the widespread adoption of carbon absorption systems for metal recovery from cyanide solution; and 3) the development of methods to effectively process refractory sulfidic ores including chlorination, roasting, and pressure oxidation.  

Further information

Full length biographies and photographs of all inductees can be accessed on the NMHFM web site at www.mininghallofame.org along with additional information about the museum and its facilities.