Get Registered campaign - we speak to two recent registrants

21 Apr 2016

In early 2016, IOM3 launched the Get Registered campaign, to encourage members to gain professional registration and demystify the application process. Viki Taylor spoke to Eleanor Merson MEng PhD CEng MIMMM and Iain Henrys CEng CSci MIMMM about their experiences of becoming professionally registered.

Eleanor Merson MEng PhD CEng MIMMM registered in 2015. She is a Composites Research Specialist at Sandvik Coromant.

What was the incentive for you seeking professional registration? 

I’d just always accepted registration as the next step after university in terms of qualification and accreditations. I want to prove to the world that I am a ‘proper’ engineer. Also, being a CEng forces me to make sure I do some CPD every year, which is good!

How did you find the process? 

Straightforward – the documentation available to guide you through the process is very clear.  The interview process was less scary than I had imagined too – both my interviewers really made an effort to make it as stress free as it could be. My only challenge was finding sponsors, as most workmates who have CEng status are with other institutes.

What benefit has becoming registered had on your career? 

In terms of career prospects, it is a little early to tell. However, one benefit is that it has shown my company that I take responsibility for my own professional development. Many people expect their employers to find, select and organise progression opportunities – having pursued the accreditation is a good way to prove that I’m slightly more proactive.

What advice would you give anyone considering becoming registered? 

Even if you think you aren’t ready yet (maybe just leaving university), check the requirements now, and start keeping a log of what projects you do, and what courses you go on. It will make completing the paperwork when you are ready much quicker.

Iain Henrys CEng CSci MIMMM is Principal Consultant at FWS Consultants Ltd. 

What was the incentive for you seeking professional registration? 

I was initially encouraged by my directors to gain my professional registration and chartership as they provide a formal recognition of my professional knowledge and experience and help the company demonstrate this to potential clients. 

My application for Professional Membership of IOM3 was also something I had been considering for a while as the Institution represents my interests as an economic/exploration geologist. My chartership was also something I wished to gain for myself as an important matter of personal and professional development. 

As my career development has been rather unstructured until now, professional registration and chartership has provided me with a means of developing a more well-defined course of professional development than I have maintained previously.

How did you find the process? 

The actual application process was straightforward, once I had completed the application forms. I took my time to compile the necessary information and to give proper consideration to summarising more than 20 years of experience as concisely as possible in the required manner, particularly for the Professional Review Report and the Case Study.

The staff at the Institute were very helpful when I contacted them for advice regarding completing the forms and providing the required information. I was also lucky to have strong support from my directors and two long-term geologist friends/colleagues who were happy to provide me with the necessary references.

I was nervous leading up to the interview for professional registration, but I was made to feel welcome while at the Institute and at ease during the interviews. The interviewers were friendly and provided encouragement, even though the interview was formal and included providing long and in-depth answers to questions about my professional knowledge and experience.  

What benefit has becoming registered had on your career? 

I have little doubt that my professional membership and registration provides potential clients with more confidence in considering who they are dealing with. Professional registration is formal recognition of my experience and a marker of the professional level at which I am required to operate.

Professional Membership of IOM3, together with professional registration and experience now enable me to report as a competent person for exploration results and resource estimations. I believe it also provides potential employers with a greater degree of confidence in the candidate they are considering taking on. Increasingly these days, employers, particularly in the consultancy field, are requiring professional registration and chartership as a prerequisite for employment.

What advice would you give anyone considering becoming registered? 

If you have the required amount of career/professional experience - make the effort. If necessary seek mentoring support, then complete the application forms and GO FOR IT!

To attend one of the Registration Clinics (26 May and 1 July) contact Ian Bowbrick, Director of Professional Development & Membership, for further details:

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