Ovenable packaging fit for 220°C

Materials World magazine
TCL Packaging develops record high-temperature ovenable pouch
101 jobs were lost with the closure of AIC Steel, with 29 retained to support the business/Eddisons

Welsh steel plant to be auctioned following closure

Materials World magazine
The AIC Steel Newport steelworks and equipment will be auctioned following its closure on 4 October
Damiano Pasini, designer of the implant, preparing for testing with students Sajad Arabnejad and Burnett Johnston/Owen Egan

False bone tricks the femur

Materials World magazine
A new hip replacement could create fewer problems by mimicking the porosity of real bone

Armourers and Brasier Tata Sixth Form Materials Prize launched for 2017

A&B Sixth Form Prize
Official launch of the 2016-2017 Armourers and Brasiers Sixth Form Materials Prize

A day to remember at Armourers Hall

A&B Sixth Form Prize
The final of the 2014-2015 Armourers and Brasiers Tata Sixth Form Prize took place on 5 December and the winners were awarded their prizes during a special ceremony Armourers Hall last December.