This month in history: New York City goes underground

Materials World magazine
The story of the New York City Subway’s first station, with illustration by Ashley Cooper

Do we need Hinkley Point C?

Materials World magazine
Following the UK Government’s approval of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, we ask the experts – do we need it?

Aquatic ferns improve nanofur

Materials World magazine
Aquatic ferns have helped to improve the artificial oil absorbent, nanofur. Ellis Davies reports

Metamaterials shield against earthquakes

Materials World magazine
A new seismic isolation strategy could shield historic buildings and wider areas from earthquakes. Ellis Davies reports

Rejected recycling rates reach new highs

Materials World magazine
The UK seems to have been left confused by what we can and can’t recycle, as new figures reveal rejected recyclable waste has reached new highs. Natalie Daniels reports