World's blackest material opens doors for aerospace industry

Materials World magazine
The first utilisation of Vantablack in space on the Kent Ridge 1 microsatellite opens the door for further experimental use

Smart Green Shipping dedicate efforts to clean up CO2 emissions

Materials World magazine
The shipping industry accounts for more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 daily. Diane Gilpin talks to Materials World on Smart Green Shipping Alliance’s efforts to clean the sector exempt from carbon targets.

Nottingham Trent University student wins Design Innovation in Plastics

Annabel Burton took the top spot with an innovative reinvention using thermoplastic polyurethane

Bright future predicted for the flexible electronics market

Materials World magazine
With large market growth predicted for the future, Ellis Davies investigates the latest technologies

Molybdenum disulphide nanocavity seeks to improve optoelectronic devices

Materials World magazine
New research into ultrathin 2D semiconducting materials using molybdenum disulphide could lead to more powerful, efficient and flexible electronic devices