University of Vienna scientist creates stable carbyne for the first time

Materials World magazine
Researchers in Austria have produced a stable form of carbyne in mass amounts. Natalie Daniels talks to Professor Thomas Pichler about creating the next potential wonder material

Students encode bacterial material

Materials World magazine
Genetic engineering of cellulose bacteria could allow for new materials to be grown from microbes

Consortium develops steel defect detection method

Materials World magazine
Combining laser triangulation, high-spec cameras and advanced imaging software, a new system could increase the efficiency of high-grade steel manufacture

Institutes propose Materials Catapult

Materials World magazine
IOM3, MPI and TWI have made a proposal for a Catapult that could support the UK’s materials innovation and link the many SMEs involved in the sector

Wind and water fulfill Portuguese energy

Materials World magazine
Portugal celebrates 107 continuous hours of electricity consumption fulfilled entirely by renewable sources. ZERO’s Francisco Ferreira discusses opportunities within the country’s energy makeup