Professor Rob Shepherd discusses his work developing soft robotics

Materials World magazine
Natalie Daniels talks to Rob Shepherd about his work developing soft robotics and how inspiration taken from bird wings could lead to more versatile aircraft

Hot topic: driverless cars

Materials World magazine
Industry experts provide their thoughts on driverless car technology

Paper-like battery electrode made with glass-ceramic for space exploration

Materials World magazine
A battery electrode in the form of a paper, made using silicon oxycarbide glass and graphene could be used for space exploration and be suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles

Plant-based biodegradable water bottle fights plastic waste

Materials World magazine
It is estimated that, by 2025, 250 million tonnes of plastic will be polluting oceans, but could new research reduce this figure?

Lancaster’s material growth

Materials World magazine
The soft opening of the Lancaster University Materials Science Institute promises great strides for UK collaboration