China’s 5-Year Plan: the effect on energy

Materials World magazine
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen discusses the implications for energy of China’s latest Five-Year Plan with a panel of experts

SPE European Artificial Lift Conference

Energy Transition Group
This Biennial event has been able to attract a wide-ranging mix of presentations, posters, exhibitors and the ever popular pre-conference training day, all aimed at enhancing your knowledge of artificial lift.

Fracking poses no danger to underground water supplies - Glasgow University

Energy Transition Group
Potential future fracking activity in the UK is unlikely to pose a pollution danger to overlying aquifers, new research from a leading academic suggests.

Country report: Denmark

Materials World magazine
Rhiannon Garth Jones takes a look at the policies and technologies that have contributed to Denmark’s impressive energy mix

Scanning ancient scrolls

Materials World magazine
A combination of synchrotron X-ray techniques is revealing the secrets of an ancient collection of papyri buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Rhiannon Garth Jones reports