IOM3 member offer for Ironbridge Gorge Museum

IOM3 members are being offered 25% discount on annual passport tickets to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire.

The 2016 British Engineering Excellence Awards open for entries.

The British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) for 2016 are now open for entries

EXHUME team creating kayak from recycled carbon fibre for International Canoe Race

A team of scientists and engineers are creating and racing a high performance kayak out of recycled carbon fibre to draw attention to the difficulties inherent in making composites recyclable.

New rubber lights up with deformation

Materials World magazine
Researchers from Cornell University have developed a potential skin material that lights up and stretches to more than six times its original size

First light for silicon photonics

Materials World magazine
University researchers take a significant step in developing silicon photonics