Ryan Marks Progresses to the National Final of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Newport & District Materials Society
Ryan Marks representing N&DMS won the South Western Regional Final of the 2016 IOM3 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

The 13th International PVC Conference welcomes Eastman as gold sponsors

PVC 2017 adds Eastman to the sponsor line up

2016 Activity Survey

Oil & Gas Division
North Sea costs drop 40% but investment in new projects collapses

BP Energy Outlook

Oil & Gas Division
The BP Energy Outlook outlines the “most likely” path for the global energy landscape - supply and demand - over the next 20 years

A virtual reality tour offshore

Oil & Gas Division
Virtual reality kits are being used as part of the Culzean project develolpment as attention to the smallest detail is required for operations to run smoothly.