Nominations for MinSouth Council Members 2015-2016

21 May 2015

At the Annual General Meeting on October 8 2015, and in line with our Constitution, 5 current members of the MinSouth Council will retire. Retiring members may put themselves forward for re-election.

We wish to strongly encourage new members to join us and participate in the discussions and decisions made by this very active society. Our success is evidenced by winning the IOM3 Local Society of the Year Award (Large society) twice in the past 3 years. The objectives of MinSouth are described on our website.

The Council meets each second Tuesday afternoon of the month at 3.30pm, normally at The Counting House in Cornhill, London.

Additional nominations for election to the Council are invited from the members of the Institute (MinSouth). All nominations should be sent by 28 August 2015 to Mr Paul Griffin, MinSouth Honorary Secretary.

Nomination forms may be obtained by contacting Mr Paul Griffin.


By order of MinSouth Council