IOM3 (HK Branch) Technical visit to Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities - Reclamation

30 Jan 2015

Organised by the IOM3 Hong Kong Branch, visit to Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities - Reclamation was held on 17 January 2014 with the participation of 21 persons.

The IOM3 group was received by Tim Yip, Technical Manager of China Harbour Engineering Company for the HKBCF – Reclamation Project. The visit included a technical presentation by Mr. Yip as well as a boat trip around the perimeter of the artificial island.

Mr. Yip presented with vivid examples the overall construction scheme, special construction techniques, as well as the progress of the HKBCF project. The part on the environmental protection aspects particularly the protection of white dolphins has drawn much interests from the IOM3 visitors. In the Boat trip followed, the IOM3 group had a great opportunity to take a global view of the entire project. We also had a close observation of some of the ground improvement works. In addition, the IOM3 group also has learned a lot about the interface between HKBCF and other relevant construction projects.

On behalf of the IOM3 HK Branch, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Tim Yip of CHEC for the kind arrangements of the site visit.