The Materials Processing Institute returns to independent ownership

7 Jan 2015

The Materials Processing Institute recently announced that it is to return to independent ownership and will be collaborating IOM3 as well as other well-respected partners such as Harsco and CPI.

The organisation, which was first founded almost 70 years ago, evolved to become the research and development arm, firstly of British Steel and more recently Tata Steel.

The MPI, based in Teesside, is set to become the UK’s centre for industrial materials research and plans to open its doors to companies outside of the steel sector, to make use of its top class research and development facilities.

The organisation will still undertake a substantial amount of project work for Tata Steel, and believes becoming an independent not-for-profit entity once again will benefit its customers and UK trade in general.

Material Processing Institute Managing Director and CEO, Mr Chris McDonald, said, “This move makes the MPI more accessible across industry. The UK is a superb place to do research and it is always good to do it in an open, independent and collaborative way. Tata Steel very much wanted this approach and will continue to utilise MPI’s services substantially. We have a lot of international links, built up by the good reputation we have in the materials industry over the years and can lever these links for the benefit of UK industry".

The MPI will also open up its services to SMEs, where it hopes it can add real value to smaller players in sectors such as recycling and waste, construction, automotive, oil and gas and nuclear.

The Materials Processing Institute is in partnership with several universities including Teesside, Sheffield, Durham and Newcastle, providing doctoral training for PhD students.

Mr McDonald added, “We have a first class institute here in Teesside and we are proud to be serving not just the region but the whole of the UK and beyond".