IOM3 assists Met to smash metal fraud case

17 Feb 2015

IOM3 joined forces with the Metropolitan Police to successfully convict an unlicensed scrap metal dealer. 

Ivan Yanev 39 (7.04.75) of Connington Road, SE13 was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday 10 February after pleading guilty to fraudulent trading and misleading buyers about the value of recycled materials. Yanev’s business in Bexley was raided in February 2014 after being stopped and found in possession of a large quantity of catalytic converters. More than 5,000 converters were found at the premises, a proportion of which are believed to have been stolen from Portugal and Italy. The practical collaboration with IOM3 revealed that sophisticated tampering of the converters’ identity and their contents were used to suggest that the precious metal recyclable value was much more than it ought to be.

“This unique collaboration highlights the way in which expert materials knowledge from our members can be used for public benefit” said Dr Bernie Rickinson, Chief Executive of IOM3.

Chief Inspector Andy Johnstone, Roads and Transport Policing Command said “This was an extensive joint investigation which unearthed a large scale fraud.  The Met, together with its UK and European partners is driving home the message that metal thieves and non compliant scrap dealers will not be tolerated and that they face a significant and experienced team which can be deployed against this type of crime.”

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