Back to aluminium - light metals remain vital for automotive lightweighting

Materials World magazine
Aluminium’s crucial role in automotive lightweighting was highlighted at the Future Automotive Body Structures seminar

The 3D printing revolution: head to head - huge potential or exaggerated abilities?

Materials World magazine
Mark Miodownik and Craig Vickers debate additive manufacturing
The European Space Agency is testing the use of 3D printing to create a lunar base

3D printing – material wise to grain size

Materials World magazine
Eoin Redahan finds out about the future of additive manufacturing at the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications Summit

Mining Eurasia - MINEX conference

Materials World magazine
A roundup of the London MINEX conference

It IS rocket science - air-breathing rocket engine for plane and space travel

Materials World magazine
An air-breathing rocket engine could revolutionise air and space travel