James Dyson national winner announced

19 Sep 2014

Solveiga Pakstaite is the 2014 UK national winner of the James Dyson Award. Her revolutionary labelling system, Bump Mark, is set to change the way we manage the food in our fridges.

Bump Mark uses gelatine to detect the condition of the food and by running your finger over the label you will be able to tell if you food is good to go. A bumpy surface means your food is past its best.

Gelatine is a protein, so decays at the same rate as food, making it much more precise than printed labels. It is also hoped the technology will help with the staggering problem of food waste, in the UK alone 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year.

Solveiga and four UK runners-up will go on to the international stage of the competition. Runners up include Gravity, a tool for sketching in 3D using augmented reality and Bruise, an immediate detection suit for disabled athletes.

Further information

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