Starpack Schools Awards briefs 2015

2 Sep 2014

Following an impressive array of entries in 2014, the Starpack Schools and Students Awards briefs for 2015 are now live. The awards once again welcome major-players in the packaging world to provide briefs and judge the incoming entries.

Brief A - Mother’s Day Pamper Pack

Sponsor: Benson Group

The challenge is to design a pack that combines a range of pampering gifts for a Mother. Products you may want to consider are toiletries, candles, chocolates, but please feel free to be creative in your gift ideas. Consider the visual gift appeal of the pack and the experience for the Mother opening the pack.

The prize: Benson Group will award £500 to the school which has provided the best overall cartonboard entries.

The Packaging Society will award £50 for the best supporting portfolio.

Brief B - Ocean’ Shampoo / Conditioner Bottle

Sponsor: Logoplaste UK Ltd

Design an ‘Ocean’ themed shampoo or conditioner bottle. The challenge is to create a bottle, pouch or other suitable container that can be used for a shampoo or conditioner product or, maybe two bottles that forma shampoo and conditioner pair.

The prize: An all expenses paid visit to a Logoplaste manufacturing site for up to 30 students. This exciting opportunity is a tour of a Hole in the Wall plant supplying bottles for Proctor & Gamble - the original home of Fairy Liquid! Students will get to ‘walk' through the entire manufacturing process from incoming raw materials to filled bottle. All expenses paid trip for approx. 25–30 students to visit the Closed Loop London plastic recycling plant in Dagenham.

£100 to the individual winner and £400 to the winning school.

The Packaging Society will award £50 for the best supporting portfolio.

Brief C - New Children's Toy Pack/Product

Sponsor: BPI - British Polythene Industries plc

1. Using Plaswood design a new and innovative toy container/package that holds fun and play products but that also has a secondary function for example in the garden, the park or the home.

2. Design a new play product for children out of Plaswood whereby the product is also the package. Consider a new or an up-date of an old concept in play that would best suit this material. You may include an exterior label for retail use on your final solution which provides information to the consumer.

The prize: BPI Award £500 to the school which in the opinion of the judges, has had the greatest success with its pupils' entries. The sponsor has the right to award £100 of the £400 to an individual student should an outstanding pack be entered. £100 will be awarded to the runner up school.

The Packaging Society will award £50 for the best supporting portfolio.

Entry closing date for schools27 February 2015

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