Starpack interview - Angela Morris

14 Mar 2014

The Starpack Awards welcomes some great new judges this year, including Angela Morris. Angela created and developed Woolcool in 2002, using pure wool technology to insulate packaging for the safe delivery of food, medicines and vaccines. In 2009, she launched The Wool Packaging Company to produce, market and commercialise Woolcool to realise the huge potential of this natural fibre as a packaging material. She is also Chair of the IOM3 Natural Materials Association.

Viki Taylor caught up with her prior to the 2014 judging.

What made you decide to be part of the 2014 Starpack Awards?

AM: I’ve won a Starpack award before and am proud of that. I’ve been in packaging for more than 30 years and thought it was time I sat on the other side of the table and judged some of the packaging. I’m looking forward to seeing the new ideas that are coming through.

Is there anything in particular you will be looking out for in the entries?

AM: Innovation, and people using materials we don’t normally consider for packaging. I’d like to see natural materials or recycled plastics and cardboard being used. I’m looking for people to push the boundaries. Designers should be looking at ways to use natural materials and focus on sustainability, to address the current needs of packaging.

What does Starpack offer entrants that other packaging awards don’t?

AM: Starpack Awards are held in better esteem in the industry than some awards. We are genuinely looking for people who have produced something unique. It also gives designers who are starting out in their careers and new technologists a chance to meet a brief and contend for a respected award. Of course, being able to enter the Worldstar Awards having won a Starpack Award is an advantage.

Do you have any tips for entrants?

AM: Be concise about the benefits and the innovative aspects of your product on the application form and ensure that the product samples you send are of a high quality, well packed and arrive in good condition for the judges.

What packaging have you worked on that you are most proud of?

AM: Woolcool. I have been able to excite people and build a business around a material that hasn’t been used for this application before. It has been a real journey and I’m proud of what Woolcool has become and what it stands for.

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