Venture Prize Winners announced

30 Jun 2014

Sirakoss, a young biomaterials company that was spun out from the University of Aberdeen in early 2011 has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Venture Prize.

The SIRAKOSS MaxSi® Graft technology produces a purely synthetic material that mimics bone, offering the potential to treat many thousands of patients who need spinal fusion surgery for back pain, or repairs for bone injuries.

Professor Iain Gibson, a biomaterials chemist at the University of Aberdeen is principal investigator of the technology.  He said, "Funding from the prize will help bring our unique synthetic bone material closer to market. This could help the many hundreds of thousands of people who need bone grafts or bone repairs following the type of fractures suffered in road accidents which can be difficult to heal."

The aim is to have MaxSi® Graft technology approved for use in patients in two years time. Professor Bill Bonfield, chairman of the Armourers and Brasiers Venture Prize judging panel said, "We were hugely impressed with the SIRAKOSS entry and their approach which offers surgeons a materials science alternative to pharmacological products for obtaining rapid bone repair and fusion."

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