Q&A with Tom Schneider, President of the World Packaging Organisation

27 Jun 2014

Viki Taylor caught up with Tom Schneider, President of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) to find out about the organisation and the Worldstar Awards. 

Can you explain what WPO is?

We are a not-for-profit NGO. Our members fall into in three categories, standards institutes, trade organisations or organisations focused on education of packaging professionals, which account for the vast majority. We aim to educate people about the proper approach to packaging, with regards to materials, machinery and the environment.

How can Worldstar make a difference to the future of packaging?

Our motto is better quality of life, through better packaging for more people, and that is what we are focused on. We focus a lot of our time on educating people in developing countries, because we know that substandard packaging leads to poor quality products and food waste resource. We are starting to talk about saving food and we are going to work towards some projects to do with that. We think that saving food is a really big deal when it comes to feeding people on the planet.

Do the Worldstar Awards aim to bridge the gap between education and design in packaging?

Only on the fringes. The awards are about honouring the best packages and designs in the world. You can’t just enter the Worldstar awards off the street, you must win a national award to enter. The awards are about the best packaging in the world. In developing countries, having the best packaging in the world is not as important as having the most effective packaging. That’s the difference.

What’s the difference between an effective pack and an award-winning one?

Effective packages simply protect and help get the product through the supply chain without damage. Award-winning package design is unique in many different ways, it may be sustainable in saving of materials or it may just be very creative. One of the main functions of a package in a developed country is to be a silent sales person.

The 2015 Worldstar Awards are now open for entry. 

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