PVC 2014 days 2 and 3 - highlights

18 Feb 2014

PVC 2014 is pleased to announce more highlights from the programme, covering days 2 and 3.

SUSTAINABILITY: The latest update on high profile EU legislation including REACH, how PVC is being recycled across the world, a special session covering PVC and medical use and a study on deriving PVC from renewable feedstocks.

FLEXIBLE PVC FORMULATIONS: An update on the regulatory landscape for Plasticisers and Flexible PVC in Europe will follow the many choices now available for plasticiser selection including bio-based

PVC PROCESSING AND PROPERTIES: Weathering studies will be discussed, the latest developments in PVC composites will be presented, PVC pipes will be covered in relation to PVC content measurement and prediction of Rapid Crack Propagation and the prediction and simulation of PVC Foam in the laboratory will be addressed. Processing machinery developments covering compounding co-kneaders and calendering will also be featured.

POLYMERISATION AND RESIN DEVELOPMENTS: Latest developments and trends in initiators and stabilisers will be explored and new resins for the Paste and Suspension Grade markets will also be presented.

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