Starpack Schools and Student Awards announced

14 Apr 2014

On 25 March, judges met at the Boiler House in Grantham to decide the winners of the 2014 Starpack Student and Schools Awards. After much deliberation, the awards have been announced.

Once again, Bungay High School had some great entries, and won two of the three schools briefs against entries from 22 other schools.

The student awards celebrated more than 150 entries and welcomed new colleges and universities in 2014, with winners from Banbury and Bicester College, Falmouth University, Fife College, Leeds College of Art and Design, University of Brighton, University of Gloucestershire and Daedalus in New Zealand.

Newcomers to the awards, Norwegian Seafood Council, received the highest number of entries with 37 people battling it out in the unique brief to design packaging for fishcakes.

Lahti University entrants from Finland were big winners again in 2014, but the mix of new entrants means that many colleges and universities will be presented with awards at the ceremony in September.

Claire Storrow from Webb Devlam said, ‘It’s really great to see new fresh ideas from students who may well go on to work for us’.

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