Happy in the firing line - ClayTech UK conference report

Clay Technology magazine
The ClayTech UK conference talks housing and a new sintering process that could reduce energy costs

Shale gas "low risk" to public health

Energy Transition Group
Public Health England report states that the potential risks to public health in the vicinity of shale gas extraction sites are low if shale gas extraction is properly run and regulated

PVC 2014 conference announces day 1 highlights

A host of leading industry speakers announced for day 1 of the PVC 2014 Brighton Conference

Spotlight: Microscopic improvements

Materials World magazine
Rhiannon Garth Jones looks at recent advancements in the fields of microscopy and analysis
IOM3 President Jon Binner and Past-President Jan Lewis present the award

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh presented with the Bessemer Gold Medal

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh awarded for his contributions to materials innovation