Special and Publication Awards 2013

14 Nov 2013
Attendees of the Special and Publication Awards dinner

On 12 November, winners of the Special and Publication
Awards 2013 were brought together in a celebration of their achievements held
at 1 Carlton House Terrace, London.

Winners from across a range disciplines were presented with
their medals and certificates, and a copy of Sir Henry Bessemer: Father of the
Steel Industry
book, reissued in 2013 for the bicentenary of Bessemer’s birth.

Among winners was Major Peter Norton who accepted the Thornton
Medal for his Advanced Composites Group keynote lecture, Design, Science, Technology or Luck?, at the IOM3 Defence, Safety and Security Committee symposium in 2012, having been unable to do so at the first awards ceremony in July. Sarah Haigh was awarded the Silver Medal and thanked the Institute, saying ‘IOM3 was responsible for my interest in materials, I saw an
advert when I was a student and am glad I chose to find out what it was about.’

‘It’s a great honour to win the
award…the more we work together, share our knowledge and
what we do, the
better it’s going to be for everybody.’
- Major Peter Norton

Dr Andrew Watson accepted the Hume
Rothery Award, which recognises distinguished achievements concerned with phase
relationships in metallic materials or non-metallic materials of metallurgical
interest. He said he was humbled when he thought of those who had received the
award before him

Foreign peers from the mining and
minerals industries were unable to attend, but are remembered for their significant
contributions to their fields.

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