Starpack interview: Sue Taylor

30 May 2013

Starpack talks to Sue Taylor, joint winner of The Future of Pizza Packaging category, sponsored Benson Group.

Hi Sue and congratulations on your winning pizza packaging. What attracted you to this brief? 
I was attracted to this brief because although I like pizza I don't like the way most of them are really unhealthy. I thought that there would be room in the pizza aisle for something different. It was also a huge challenge - a pizza box is the shape it is because a pizza fits in it, so I knew that it would be a bit like reinventing the wheel.

Tell us about your design, and what inspired it?
What inspired my design was the pizza I bought from the supermarket as the first part of my research. It came in a box, but inside the pizza was shrink wrapped and on a polystyrene board. I thought - why is the pizza in a box? It doesn't need to be. What else could it be in?

What was the biggest challenge in bringing your idea to life?
The branding was really difficult. I knew how I wanted it to come across but finding a name was tough. 


“A high quality project and well thought out model” - Starpack judges


Are there any materials you particularly like working with?
I do like to work with the untreated cardboard. I think it is basic, honest and adds value to a product by not dressing it up in fancy graphics.

Are there any designs out there that have particularly impressed you?
I think that the Innocent packaging is clever in the way its simplicity reflects the product. I also love the new Smarties cardboard tubes; they no longer have a plastic cap but a very clever little lid. 

Is packaging an industry you would like to work in? If so, why?
I would like to work in food packaging design because food does interest me. I believe that we need to change our eating habits and encourage people to return to a healthier way of eating. 

Do you have any plans for the prize money?
I'm hoping to put my prize money towards a camera, which would be really useful in my final year at university. 


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