Fellow donates published papers

20 May 2013

Dr Donald McLean DSc, FIMMM, AE has recently donated to IOM3 copies of all his 112 published papers from 1943–1985, the original draft of his second book: Mechanical Properties of Metals (1962) and draft chapters of a third unpublished book: Solid Interfaces: their Structure and Properties (1970).

Donald was a major influence on the science and engineering of materials for structural applications. Among his many contributions, he provided a formal basis for at least two important fields of study – grain boundaries and creep deformation and fracture. In addition, he significantly influenced the development of other areas of physical metallurgy and pioneered the application of physical metallurgy concepts to engineering design and life assessment. He is widely known for his two seminal textbooks – Grain Boundaries in Metals (1957) and Mechanical Properties of Metals (1962).

Donald joined the Iron and Steel Institute as an Associate member in 1938, the Institute of Metals as a student member in 1938 and was awarded the Rosenhain Medal in 1956. He spent the majority of his working life at the National Physical Laboratory and, now in his 98th year, remains a member and is in remarkably good health.

IOM3 is very pleased to accept this donation. If you would like to access any of Donald’s papers, please email our Archivist, Hilda Kaune.