PVC 2014 announces Baerlocher as a gold sponsor

28 Mar 2013

Planning for PVC 2014 is in full swing. The leading forum on vinyl, returning to its home in Brighton in 2014, welcomes Baerlocher as a main event sponsor.

Baerlocher prides itself on developing powerful additives for new plastics applications, and is an ideal major sponsor for the conference, which will include advances, developments and trends in additives as a key part of the programme.

‘Brighton 2014, an essential additive for the planet’s greatest blend of PVC specialists’ - Baerlocher

The triennial conference is the world’s leading and most reputable forum to support the future of PVC globally, celebrated for the broad appeal through the extensive programme of subjects addressed. In addition to additives, the programme will include:

  • Strategy/direction and markets
  • Construction applications
  • Plastisols and flexible areas
  • Processing technology including extrusion, injection moulding and calendaring
  • Performance covering design innovation, engineering properties and structure
  • Composites, failure analysis and blends
  • Heat stabilisation and lubrication
  • Rheology, modelling and simulation including flow behaviour, rheological models etc.
  • Sustainability including recovery, recycling and social aspects
  • Polymerisation and production


The conference provides a global platform for the exchange of information, educational debate and discussion.

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