IOM3 inaugural Breakfast Club

28 Jun 2013

On 28 June 2013, IOM3 held its first Breakfast Club and welcomed John Drexhage to explain the broad and challenging subject of climate change.

John has worked on the issue of climate change for more than 20 years and joined the International Council on Mining and Metals as Director of Environment and Climate Change in 2011.

John's presentation, 'Adapting to a Changing Climate', outlined the implications of a changing climate in the mining and metals sector, the ways in which to adapt and the emerging drivers with which to do so. He highlighted that the point is not to ponder whether or not climate change is happening, but how to contend with the undeniable changes affecting the global mining and metals industry today. Heightened risks associated with water shortage, flooding, and workforce health were all part of a broad series of impacts that the community needed to address.

Debate arose around the topics addressed in John's presentations from attendees who had travelled from as far as Russia. Jan Lewis, immediate past-president of IOM3, chaired the meeting and following further questions ended by concluding in simple terms, "It doesn't matter what causes it, our job is to sort it".

Ian Bowbrick, Assistant Director of Professional Development and Membership at IOM3 said, "The theme of this breakfast meeting served as an excellent teaser in subjects that the Institute could pursue through a one-day conference or series of published articles."

The presentation is available to download at the bottom of this article.