IOM3 President on BBC's The One Show

20 Jun 2013

On 18 June IOM3 president Professor Jon Binner featured on the BBC's The One Show talking about the hardest man-made substance in the world at the moment, cubic boron nitride (CBN).

Jon, who is Professor of Ceramic Materials and Dean of the School of Aeronautical,
Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering at Loughborough
University, as well as chair of the Institute's Ceramics Society, shows how the ceramic material can be tested for hardness and durability, subjecting it to laboratory rigours as well as driving over it in a 20-tonne truck. Finally the CBN is shown absorbing the impact of a bullet, reflecting its defence applications.

You can watch the episode of The One Show on BBC iPlayer until 25 June 2013. The CBN section starts at exactly 23.51.

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