A look at the UK’s WorldStar winners

31 Jan 2013
Image of the WorldStar logo

Below is an overview of the 13 UK winning entries at the WorldStar Awards. Out of these, the Infini Bottle and J&B Twister have been shortlisted for two further awards, which will be announced at the 2013 WorldStar Packaging Awards Ceremony in Sydney on 9 May.


“Be Bionic” Prosthesis Pack - Smurfit Kappa UK

Designed to hold hi-tech prosthesis, this pack is made so disabled users that have limited dexterity can access the contents without issue. Able to be opened with only one hand, the design retains the image of a premium brand, featuring a high-quality print and finish. The expensive image encourages users to handle the contents with care, while the prosthesis within is fully protected. This package minimises the use of non-biodegradable materials, while also demonstrating how corrugated solutions can meet the required standard.





Bombay Sapphire Garrard 250th Anniversary - MW Creative Ltd.

This limited edition pack brings together two iconic brands and their air of luxury. The bespoke decanter has a Garrard stopper – and the item sold out before it even hit the shelves. The packaging combines elegant print finishes with a base section and internal fitments that both present and protect the item, which weighs a hefty 4kg. All of the internal board sections are made from recycled material, while the package as a whole combines a unique blend of soft-touch materials.






Cylinder Head Storage Pack - DS Smith Packaging Industrial Division

The pack consists of three main components: a die-cut layer pad, protective sleeve and outer case. Allowing open access for automated loading and unloading, the cylinder heads are securely positioned. The layer pad is fixed to the pallet before the components are loaded. After each layer, a sleeve is placed around each cylinder head, adding both protection and stacking strength, which has been tested to 7000kg. The footprint of the pack also maximises the use of space during both warehousing and distribution.




Engine Shipper - DS Smith Packaging Industrial Division

Designed to ship two car engines to China from the UK, this pack has been tested to a compression load of 6000Kg. Maximising the use of space within a 40ft shipping container, the pack has managed to improve capacity by 22%. In turn, this has caused an 18% decrease in the use of containers, which amounts to a saving of approximately £350,000. Comprised of two support cradles, a base, top cap and two sleeves, the packaging allows for the engines to be loaded and unloaded from the cradle with ease.




Henkel Vernel Fabric Softener - Fuji Seal Europe Ltd

Making use of cutting-edge laser technology, Fuji Seal have developed shrink sleeves that can have part of the sleeve removed post-shrinking. The lasercutting process means that the shrink sleeves can accommodate the packaging’s recessed grip area, and could potentially accommodate handles as well as other uniquely shaped containers. Before this technology was developed, using shrink sleeves in this way would have been impossible.






Hugh Johnson Presentation Wine Pack - DS Smith Speciality Packaging

Here, a corrugated design replaces the traditional use of wood. The pack holds 6 bottles of wine, making use of an anti-slip coating. This coating stops the bottles moving during transport, ensuring that the labels of the wine bottles are on-view to the end user. Assembly requires no glue, with the outer sleeve using adhesive tape for closure and access. It was developed after Direct Wines requested the development of a pack that would allow for 6 bottles of wine to sit in a line, which could also be posted out to customers securely.






Infini Bottle - Nampak Plastics Europe

This milk container is a monolayer high density polyethylene bottle, which can be up to 25% lighter than standard bottles, depending on the size employed. Forfeiting none of the current performance specifications, it offers improved design and enhanced functionality. 100% recyclable (with post-consumer recycled content of up to 15%), the design uses approximately 16,000 tonnes less material per year, offering carbon savings of around 34,000 tonnes. Launched in 2012, 100 million bottles will have been manufactured and sold by the end of the year. The Infini Bottle has also been shortlisted for the Sustainability Award - the winner will be announced at the WorldStar 2013 Awards Ceremony in May.





J&B Twister - MW Creative Ltd.

Designed to provide a fun, interactive casing that can securely transport bottles, this pack uses recycled board and has no plastic parts. Aiming for huge consumer impact when on the shelf, it allows people to create their own designs due to the three rotating parts, opening up new design options. It has sold 500,000 units worldwide. The J&B Twister was also shortlisted for the Marketing Award, which will presented in Sydney this May.






Johnnie Walker X•R 21-Year-Old Whisky - Stoelzle Glass Group

This decanter requires extreme moulding skill, featuring cosmetic-quality flint glass in its multi-faceted design. The heavy base has a star-shaped finish, while the body of the bottle has precise embossing and a flame-polish finish. On the back, a graphic design is ceramic printed, while precious metal is screen printed onto the front. The process of baking at high temperatures means the container is robust and can withstand high-speed filling lines.






McDonald’s Share Box - Havi Global Solutions

Breaking any association with junk food packaging, this box has a remarkable shape. Printed with graphics that focus on sharing and quality, it can be constructed quickly and intuitively. The design can be easily opened and closed, while reducing the risk of tearing when holding up to 900g of food. The rigidity and strength of the packaging is increased due to the use of specified CKB board, which meets the requirements created by both the weight and humidity of the contents. Taking environmental considerations into account, the pack is recyclable and uses a water-based varnish instead of a PE coating.




Toilet to Go - Smurfit Kappa UK

Designed to use 100% shredded waste as impact protection, packaging costs have been reduced by 18%. Furthermore, there has been a significant reduction in product damage, typically valued at 15% of annual sales. The one-piece die-cut wrap means that the ceramic contents are visible to handlers, encouraging correct handling and further cutting supply-chain damage. 






VFFS 'ReSeal It' application – Printpack Enterprises Ltd., developed in association with Macfarlane Labels

First to use the vertical form fill seal (VFFS) application for this re-closable package, its tamper-evident design also extends product lifespan. Able to be easily opened and closed, the quality of the printing, combined with the shape, give the product excellent display properties, enhancing shelf appeal. In addition, the square-formed bag clearly identifies the reseal facility.






VHB Live Pea Shoots for J Sainsbury “Taste the difference” – DS Smith Speciality Packaging

Holding five pots of ‘live pea shoots’, each plastic pot has drainage holes but does not let water reach the corrugated lid and tray. Lined with PET, the tray securely holds the plastic pots, allowing the growing process to continue uninterrupted during packing and transportation. As the product involves switching from a thermoformed polystyrene tray to a paper material, the corrugated pack manages to be flexible but at the same time strong enough to be stacked and palletised.