PIABC announce newly-qualified practitioners

27 Feb 2013

PIABC are pleased to announce that more than 60 practitioners have just successfully completed their qualifications in Packaging Technology. Provided by the IOM3 Training Academy and endorsed by the Packaging Society, the Diploma and Certificates in Packaging Technology are the UK’s leading packaging qualifications for industrial practitioners. 

Commenting on the results, Gordon Stewart, Head of PIABC, said ‘I am delighted with the success of our qualifications and their take-up by many of the leading global packaging users and manufacturing companies. There is no doubt that employers see the added value that practitioners who obtain these qualifications bring to their bottom line.’

One of those of those who have just successfully completed their qualification is Harry Matthews of Anderson Brecon Pharmaceuticals who said, ‘Achieving the Diploma in Packaging qualification has strengthened my effectiveness in providing high quality guidance and advice on medical packaging, benefitting both my employer and their customers.’

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