Innovation in Materials

13 Dec 2013
Professor Mark Miodownik giving the keynote presentation

On 11 November, the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), IOM3 and the Materials KTN joined forces to deliver Innovation in Materials, a one-day conference part of the RAEng’s innovation series.

The event invited prominent speakers from various backgrounds working within the materials industries to discuss recent developments and new applications. Professor Mark Miodownik provided the keynote and highlighted the importance of closed-loop manufacturing. 

Dr Bernie Rickinson, IOM3 Chief Executive, also took to the stage to present his talk on advanced materials for security, using Signature Materials as a case study. 

Martin Kemp, Chairman of the IOM3 Nanomaterials Committee, explored nanotechnology saying that while innovators in materials should always be sceptical, they shouldn't be cynical when faced with new possibilities. 

The day left audience members pondering the potential of long-life materials and the importance of seeing R&D lead to market. Above all, the message delegates undoubtedly left with was, that the circular economy is paramount and collaboration is key.

Videos of the presentations are available here: RAEng Innovation in Materials