YMC conference 2013

11 Dec 2013

On 9 December, the Younger Members’ Committee held the third Research and Innovation Conference in Loughborough.

The morning sessions opened with technical presentations from various disciplines and gave the attendees the chance to learn about their peers’ research and development projects. One of the talks was given by Adam Brown, who presented his lecture Exploring the Use of Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Methods to Detect Heterogeneous Nucleation. The lecture earned him first place in the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition national final earlier in 2013.

Following poster presentations and networking, the afternoon session changed focus and provided a platform for YMC members to learn some valuable tips from industry insiders. These included Katrina Busuttil from Maney Publishing who provided helpful advice on publishing a scientific paper. Her presentation assured the young members that are still merits to having a scientific paper published in a journal, not least for preservation and allowing future employees to track your successes.

Sofia Del Pozo from TWI took to the stage to share her experiences working at TWI. This included a case study of electron beam processes. Dr David Alberry from Maney GenExP also presented the audience with his Building Your Career Roadmap lecture and told the audience, ‘technical information is not enough’. He noted the importance of learning about the financial and business aspects of projects is important to allow collaboration and success with other departments in the workplace.

The event welcomed more than 50 guests, who no doubt left with new-found confidence for presenting their work and valuable insights into their future industries.

The YMC wishes to thank TWI, East Midlands Materials Society (EMMS), Monitor Coatings Limited, Indestructible and Far for sponsoring the event.


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