Starpack interview: Aaron James Percival

28 Aug 2013

Starpack talks to Aaron James Percival, BPI Sponsored Award winner. The brief involved rethinking current packaging trends and using ‘Envirothene’ instead - a recycled polythene film.

Hello Aaron and congratulations for winning the BPI Sponsored Award. Could you let us know a bit about yourself in three sentences?

I'm a 29-year-old student studying Graphic Design and Advertising at the University of Bedfordshire. I'm a likable and hardworking person. I enjoy challenges and learning new skills.
What attracted you to this brief?

I chose the brief as I liked that I had to choose an existing product myself. This made the brief more challenging as I wanted to choose a brand that would stand out from what was already available on the market. I also liked the idea of working with a material that has minimal environmental impact and a lower environmental footprint.

Tell us about your design, and what inspired it.

I created Heinz food pouches that are aimed at families with young children who are looking for healthy food alternatives with the convenience of minimal food preparation. I wanted to bring a fun element to dinnertime and this is reflected in the pouch design using cut-out windows to see the product.

What was the biggest challenge in bringing your idea to life?

Finding the right models to use as I wanted a diverse range of looks and also transferring the print onto the polythene pouch.

Are there any other materials you particularly like working with?

I really enjoy working with paper as it can be cut and folded easily, it's versatile, easily recyclable and there are so many different paper textures and weights to work with.

What do you personally look for in a design for packaging? Are there any designs out there that have particularly impressed you?

I really like the work Lewis Moberly have done with Waitrose. Their packaging is simple, aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated. The labels have a strong typographical style and have fun with playful wording and colour that compliments the product. I think it brings a personality to the brand and looks clean, fresh and upmarket.

'Classy design and a practical application. An interesting take on alternative products currently on the market.' - British Polythene Industries

Is packaging an industry you would like to work in?

I didn't really have much experience working with packaging before Starpack and after doing this project I've gained a newfound love for packaging design. I also enjoy branding and typography and I hope to utilise all of my design skills in my future employment as well as learning new skills.

Are there any particular challenges you feel designers have to face if they are to excel in this industry?

There are so many students that graduate each year looking for the same design jobs and you really have to make sure that you set yourself apart. I think we also need to be aware of current trends and what the future trends will be.

Do you have any plans for spending the prize money?

I will probably invest in a new camera to help me in my final-year project.


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