L-R: Cornelis van Niekerk and IOM3 President, Jon Binner

Young Persons' World Lecture Competition

Cornelis van Niekerk was awarded first place in the 2013 competition, held on 31 October in Kong Hong

Polymer bank notes: head to head

Materials World magazine
The UK Government has proposed a switch to polymer bank notes by 2016. But is this new venture such a good thing? Two industry experts provide cases for both sides of the argument

Professional development - The health and safety myth

Materials World magazine
Afternoon speakers at the 2nd Annual European Offshore Health and Safety Conference in London, UK, looked at the psychological factors affecting health and safety in the oil and gas industry

Magnesium from seawater

Materials World magazine
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), based in Washington State, USA, is developing a process to extract magnesium from seawater and deep geothermal brine sources that is potentially far less energy-intensive than existing methods

Is the UK losing out in the global graphene patent race?

Materials World magazine
Experts discuss whether the UK should be worried about the number of graphene patents it has filed compared to its global rivals