Cleaning up coal - carbon capture and storage projects

Materials World magazine
Could CCS give coal a sustainable future? Rachel Lawler finds out at the New Age for Coal With Carbon Capture and Storage event in London, UK

The state of mining: Africa and Latin America

Materials World magazine
Rhiannon Garth Jones reports from the Association of Mining Analysts event in London, UK

The future of nano: nanotechnology project progress update

Materials World magazine
An account of the "Nanotechnology Partnership for Progress – One Year On" event

Straining for quicker computers - accurate nanoscale measurement project

Materials World magazine
Dr Carlo Vecchini talks about the Nanostrain project to create and develop the advanced measurement capabilities necessary to precisely characterise strain in nanomaterials

Multi-tasking drug delivery - dual function cancer fighting drug capsule

Materials World magazine
Cell targeting, drug release capsule offers advantages over conventional nanocarriers