In search of carbon credit - interview with BDA Chair, Alan Baxter

Clay Technology magazine
Interview with Alan Baxter, Chairman of the Brick Development Agency, discussing the UK housing stimulus

A diamond prospect - synthetic diamond Global Innovation Centre

Element Six opens a synthetic diamond facility in the UK

Breaking ground - improving materials' development, analysis and husbanding

Materials World magazine
Dr Nuna Staniaszek reports on the 10th Armourers and Brasiers’ Cambridge Forum

Fighting tooth decay with glass - bioglass toothpaste repairs lesions

Materials World magazine
Professor Robert Hill and Dr Pushkar Wadke talk to Eoin Redahan about their Venture Prize 2013-winning bioglass formula

The case for archaeometallurgy - recording the origins of metal extraction

Materials World magazine
Ledetta Asfa-Wossen attends the Historical Metallurgy Society’s 50th Anniversary event in London, UK