Petrol in the framework - more efficient higher-grade fuels

Materials World magazine
A new filtration material has been developed at the University of California, Berkeley, that could enable refineries to produce higher-grade petrol fuels more efficiently

Starpack interview: Lamberto Anderloni

Starpack talks to Lamberto Anderloni, winner of a Starpack Gold Award

Bringing the nuclear family together

Materials World magazine
While the UK Government decides whether nuclear should be a protagonist or a bit-part player, reactors are sprouting all over the world. A panel of experts give their opinions on the nuclear industry

Spotlight: Heat treatment for better performance

Materials World magazine
The latest developments in thermal processing.

Planning for a nuclear future

Materials World magazine
Whittling plutonium stockpiles, high-temperature coolants and the thorium goose that lays the golden eggs were among topics discussed at "Next Generation Nuclear Energy – the UK’s Role", in London, UK