No need for a Balamory Britain

Clay Technology magazine
Britain is fond of its brick heritage. However, fears that the aesthetic of the UK’s built heritage will be destroyed by the Green Deal’s insulation strategy are unfounded, says Wienerberger’s John Sandford

Can we rebuild him? - body parts from steel, polymers and bioglass

Materials World magazine
Healthcare technology continues to advance, but is there a limit to its success?
The element germanium in its natural state

A super-fast conductor, one atom thick – no, it’s not graphene

Researchers have opened up new possibilities for germanium after developing the technology to produce it in sheets that are just one atom thick

Steve Bedford Presents to Joint IOM3/Energy Institute (EI) Meeting

Oil & Gas Division
Oil & Gas UK Well Integrity Guidelines

The scarcity illusion - rare earth elements

Materials World magazine
Exactly how rare are rare earth elements? Materials World asks scientists and geologists how close to exhaustion these metals really are