Fir and logging in the USA - debris locks in moisture for warm summer

Wood Focus magazine
How logging debris could help Douglas fir seedlings

Did you hear the one about the wooden bath? - Bathtub design

Wood Focus magazine
Woodworker Mitja Narobe has constructed a bathtub from wood
Microscope image of a single nanowire, showing the separate core-shell structure

Coincidence creates nanowires with spontaneous core-shell structure

A team from the University of Illinois recently grew nanowires of a compound semiconductor on top of a sheet of graphene – and got unexpected results

OGP publishes FAQs for hydraulic fracturing

Oil & Gas Division
OGP has produced a series of FAQs, that answers questions on hydraulic fracturing and seismicity, water, greenhouse gases and chemicals.
Members of the Casting Division board

IOM3 Casting Division relaunched at the Light Metals Technology Workshop

The Institute re-launched its Casting Division at the recent Light Metals Technology Workshop at Brunel University