Spray sensor - solution-processable organic semiconductor

Materials World magazine
Image sensors could become more sensitive and cheaper to produce, thanks to a solution-processable organic semiconductor

Just add water - speedy hydrogen production using silicon

Materials World magazine
Previously, silicon was deemed a slow way to generate hydrogen, but by using it in the form of super-small particles, scientists have found that it reacts with water to produce hydrogen almost instantly

Critical thinking - Canada and USA focus on rare earth and materials supply

Materials World magazine
The US Department of Energy will invest $120m in the Critical Materials Institute, which will address critical material and rare earth shortages. While this is a start, the challenges run deep. Ron MacDonald and Jean-Sébastien Lavallée, of Critical Elements Corporation in Montréal, Canada, spoke to Eoin Redahan about the state of the industry.

Microchips in the next dimension - 3D spintronic chips

Materials World magazine
A spintronic microchip that allows information to travel in three dimensions could lead to a new type of chip architecture and more powerful devices

UK Operators Publish Shale Well Guidelines

Oil & Gas Division
UKOOG have published shale well guidelines which include hydraulic fracturing