Image of a broken glass

Ductile glass – and how to make it

A team from Yale University, together with their collaborators, have discovered a way of predicting whether or not glasses will be brittle or ductile

EPSRC Call: Materials Substitution for Safety, Security and Sustainability

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
EPSRC would like invite Expressions of Interest to bid into the call for research proposals in Materials Substitution for Safety, Security and Sustainability.

Solar conversion under pressure - silicon multiple exciton generation increases efficiency

Materials World magazine
A modified form of silicon could crack the solar cell efficiency conundrum

Pulsating steel - quicker and cleaner fabrication

Materials World magazine
Faster and greener fabrication of high-performance clean steel could be possible through an electropulse-based technique

Viewpoint: Photovoltaics for future societies - solar cell considerations

Materials World magazine
Is it time to review the life cycle calculation of solar cell technologies? Dr Alastair Buckley of the University of Sheffield, UK, debates the topic