Health and safety in the Swinging Sixties - Fred Starr recollects

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The first day I began my student apprenticeship, at Dorman Long’s research labs in Middlesbrough, I was palmed off with Chester’s Steel Plant Refractories and told to read it, cover to cover, before bothering anyone. After four days in the library I knew everything I ever wanted to know about acid, neutral and basic refractories.

Award launched for new Incorporated Engineers

The Baroness Platt Award has been launched, acknowledging outstanding newly registered Incorporated Engineers
The locust’s wings, legs, back and joints are all made from the same material. Insect cuticle’s remarkable properties are being closely studied by engineers.

Special report: Students of the insects - Lessons from nature

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Some fly across oceans with tiny wings. Others walk up walls. Their exoskeletons can be as strong as antler while remaining flexible. There is much to learn from insectkind

Mineral to clay, waste to waste - industrial by-products replace virgin material

Materials World magazine
In the ceramics industry, using waste by-products as additives is nothing new, but a recent study now shows it is possible to produce ceramics using only these by-products

Viewpoint: Gasification for the nation - synthetic gas as a solution?

Materials World magazine
Synthetic gas will be an important source in low-carbon energy generation to provide for the UK’s growing number of power plants, says Rolf Stein, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power