The Next Generation of Lighting for our Homes and our Health, 13 March 2013

Energy Materials Group
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, a past president of IOM3, is giving the next Cambridge and Anglian Materials Society lecture on 13 March.

Signature Materials coverage

Following the news release about Signature Materials and the developments in Northampton, Project Manager David Arthur was interviewed on BBC radio and news teams picked up the story

New publication charts post-Macondo milestones

Oil & Gas Division
Keeping to a promise made to the EU in May, 2011, OGP has produced a summary of how the industry has implemented recommendations set out by OGP’s Global Industry Response Group

Innovation in Joint Replacement Technology; Tuesday 19 February

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
Details of the SMEA evening lecture

Northampton trials metal theft deterrent

In a move to reduce the incidence of metal theft from historic buildings in Northampton town centre, a new permanent metal marking technique developed by the Institute is being deployed