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Changes in orientation - materials science in China

Materials World magazine
China can now boast more materials science papers than any other country, but as we move into 2012, just how far advanced is research and development? Eoin Redahan finds out.
Fabricated analog chip used to mimic neuronal processes involved in memory and learning. Image courtesy of Guy Rachmuth

Brain chip that 'learns' packs triple punch

Materials World magazine
A computer chip that can ‘learn’ could improve our understanding of how the brain works, lead to a better human-machine interface and pave the way for artificial intelligence.

An apatite for conduction

Materials World magazine
A collaborative group of scientists at Bath, Birmingham and Warwick universities are looking into new solid electrolytes that work at temperatures of ~500-700ºC, spurring growing interest in new apatite-type silicates and germanates.