Hot Isostatic Pressing meeting attracts large international audience

Particulate Engineering Committee
The one-day workshop on HIP (Hot Isosatic Pressing) processing of materials for aggressive environments attracted an impressively large, international audience.

Display your Student Starpack entry at the NEC

Participants in the 2012 Student Starpack Awards will get the chance to display their design to thousands of visitors at the easyFairs Packaging Innovation Exhibition.

Clearing up - biodegradable packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
Biodegradable packaging can only be a positive step but insufficient information and unregulated marketing could lead to more harm than good. Packaging Professional asks a panel of experts.
supermarket shelves

Brand and deliver

Packaging Professional magazine
Researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, have been investigating how consumers respond to branded packaging.

Nanocomposites for better barriers

Packaging Professional magazine
A novel nanocomposite could improve the mechanical and thermal properties and decrease the oxygen permeability of barrier packaging.