Fred Starr recollects: The perils of poor ductility

Materials World magazine
We want our leaders strong. But we also look for ductility – the capacity to respond to difficult situations with firmness and humour

On thin ice - Oil spill planning for the Arctic

Materials World magazine
The race is on for the Arctic’s mineral reserves, but can industry cope with the environmental consequences of extracting oil from extreme locations?

Water-free oil extraction - More efficient and economic drilling

Materials World magazine
A carbon dioxide thickener could make crude oil extraction more efficient and economical by precluding the need for water

Isolating droplet behaviour - Electroactive polymers of the future

Materials World magazine
The behaviour of droplets in polymers under electrical voltage has been observed for the first time. Their discovery could lead to improved insulation materials to deal with increasing loads of electricity

Wheelspins on Mars - Recreating Martian soil using silica flour

Materials World magazine
To help robotic rovers out of potential jams, researchers at Cranfield University have created silica flour that simulates a Martian soil type