Seeing the wood for the bricks - Wood-fired kiln

Wood Focus magazine
Wood firing helps HG Matthews find its niche in the brick industry.

Gene mapping: a root to the future? - faster tree trait selection

Wood Focus magazine
Gene mapping could make it quicker and easier to spot desirable tree qualities in the lab and cut costs.

Ashes to ashes - Ash dieback disease

Wood Focus magazine
Ash dieback fungal disease, Chalara fraxinea, has been confirmed in 32 locations in the UK. A specialist team is looking at ways to safeguard the future of the species.

Life in a green house - Review of the Big Green Home Show

Clay Technology magazine
To build, to air, to renovate and insulate. Eoin Redahan visited the Big Green Home Show in Swindon, UK.

Trimming the fat - ClayTech UK focuses on energy efficiency and investment

Clay Technology magazine
Watch the joules and the pounds will look after themselves say speakers at ClayTech UK who feel companies should concentrate on streamlining energy usage through adhering to low carbon legislation and more cost effective machinery.