Rubberwood composite – chip off a new block?

Wood Focus magazine
A hybrid particleboard composite may address the problem of rising supply demand in the developing world – and help lower prices of indigenous raw materials, say researchers at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Selangor, Malaysia.

PIABC launch of wood qualifications

Wood Focus magazine
The PIABC launch of its new suite of wood qualifications marks a milestone in the development of training and education for which the wood industry has been waiting for more than a decade.

Knowledge is power - education in wood technology

Wood Focus magazine
A thriving UK wood industry is showing cracks at education level. The PIABC’s launch of wood technology qualifications is a welcome step forward.
‘Sycamore, 1956’ by Hal Watts

Virtuoso woodwork - Q&A with designer Hal Watts

Wood Focus magazine
Maverick designer Hal Watts began his career as a mechanical engineer, but now works across a range of disciplines on projects that examine environmental issues. Michael Bennett discovers why wood is Watts’ favourite material.
A forest in Humboldt County, California. © Yana Valachovic, UCCE Humboldt

Tackling larch enemies - genetic analysis of Phytophthora ramorum

Wood Focus magazine
British forestry scientists have identified a new lineage of a deadly tree pathogen that could devastate Japanese larch populations in the UK and oak species in the USA.