PRECISION Beads in alginate

Biocompatibles UK Ltd Wins The 2011 Prince Philip Award for Plastics in the Service of Mankind for DC Bead®

Biomedical Applications Division
Biocompatibles, a BTG International group company, is a leading medical technology company in the field of drug device combination products. Our business supplies medical devices from facilities in Farnham, UK...

Matrix reloaded - 3D photografting fixes molecules at precise positions

Materials World magazine
A technique for fixing molecules at precise positions in a 3D material is being investigated by researchers in Austria. The method, called 3D photografting, could find applications in biomedical engineering or create new types of sensors.

Sir Henry Bessemer Master Class

The Sir Henry Bessemer Master Class, Lecture and Dinner took place on 17 October 2012

High Value Manufacturing Catapult celebrates first birthday

Having just reached its first birthday, Will Barton, Head of Manufacturing at TSB, was recently interviewed about his views on the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The 12th International PVC Conference Returns to Brighton

The Polymer Society
The 2014 PVC Conference 2014 is announced and is returning to Brighton